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4.5" ZEC Wheels

Available in #12, #16, #24, #36, #50, #60, #80, and #120 grit

​Arbor size: 7/8"

Maximum wheel speed: 13,300 rpm

Maximum peripheric speed: 80 m/s

Abrasive: silicon carbide/aluminum oxide


Faster - Less time and labor to complete the grinding task

Loading - ZEC discs will continue to grind when conventional discs will fail due to material loading

Cooler - Maintaining a cooler work surface and cooler disc surface will maximize the life of the wheel

Longer Life - Multiple layers of grain, spiral disc surface, and air cooling design give ZEC discs a longer lifespan

No Backing Pad - no backing pad required means you save money on materials


Beware of Imitations

A semi flexible fiber or plastic disc without the ZEC logo on the back is a low quality imitation.

Original ZEC Technology

ZEC discs are manufactured exclusively in Italy with first-rate raw materials. ZEC's unique resin mix and manufacturing procedures grant outstanding performance and reliability. Original ZEC discs last about 5 times longer than imitation wheels.

7" ZEC Wheels

Available in #12, #16, #24, and #36 grit

Arbor size: 7/8"

Maximum wheel speed: 8,500 rpm

Maximum peripheric speed: 80 m/s

Abrasive: silicon carbide/aluminum oxide


Faster - cuts faster than a conventional grinding disc

Loading - ZEC's design minimizes the loading of material being removed

Cooler - ZEC's design allow the discs to run cooler by increasing air flow and grinding material injection

Longer Life - ZEC lasts 7-10 times longer than conventional aluminum oxide resin fiber discs

No Backing Pad - ZEC discs do not require a backing pad for attachment